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What you think it’s like being in the Endeavour fandom: 


Aw yes, look at us, being all intense and cool with our desk and hot actors. 

What it’s actually like: 


ah hello!! I have been wanting to make a fantroll rp blog for a while, and seeing as how nice you and your characters are + your popularity wanted to ask if you had any advice on how to start up a fantroll blog so i can hit the ground running- and not just like "make characters. rp." but if there was anything i should know? i heard the community is very poisonous unu i am sending this to several rpers i know, though!


ah omg.. thanks. ;q;

I know you said not something like ‘make character, rp’ but there are several things you should avoid while making fantroll(s)—-

  1. if you are planning on making them a mutant please don’t try to make it obvious that they are
  2. flesh out your trolls’ personality before actually putting them up on the blog; this doesn’t mean that they have to be developed, but you know how they would answer when asked certain questions
  3. don’t forget their flaws. flaws are important but make it realistic!!
  4. HAVE TALKSPRITES READY otherwise not many people would reply to your open roleplay posts. it sucks but that is usually what happens
  5. prepare profiles with general information, though they’re not necessary some people prefer if you have profiles
  6. if you have a lowblood fantroll with the ‘rebel’ archtype or something, especially towards highbloods then it would be fairly normal for them to get beaten up seriously no joke
  7. i’ve seen tons of rebellious lowbloods talk to highbloods like they have a death wish. remember this is alternia the higher the blood the more unstable they are!
  8. dont force ships 
  9. If you’re new, you should make one of those ‘reblogif youre a fantroll blog and ill follow you’ post, some people would actually follow you for it
  10. it’s okay to be inspired by other people’s troll design but for god’s sake please don’t make it so similar to the point the owner can notice it 

okay..„ those are all what I could think off ‘q’ i hope it’s sufficient!! aah, good luck on setting up a fantroll blog!

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we have connie springer

basketball connie springer

and now, volleyball connie springer


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